Pool Party Games for Adults

There is nothing more fun than creating that moment for adults to have a fantastic time. Even if we are grownups, some childhood cravings still yearn for fun. Amidst other adults, you can engage in any kinds of child play without feeling weird. Thus, when you make the invitation, you should make it clear that it will be an adult only event. It is a chance to relive life as a youngster. Adults do not have to feel left out when all pool party games get left for the kids and the teens. There are many fun activities to get involved in the pool, say; dancing, drinking and engage in a gaming competition which is also ideal.

It is time to unleash the childish aspect with no worry and in an exciting way. Make your guests wallow at the moment when they do something out of the ordinary. inflatable pool floats for adults where they board on the floater and ride and have fun above it is both exceptional and fun. Besides that, some of the adult’s friendly games you can partake in include;

  1. Floating Ping Pong

There is no a good time to have fun. You can purchase a floating beer pong table. The table bears a handy cooler to hold the drinks in position. Since things may go haywire, it gets recommended that you avoid alcoholic beverages in a pool party. However, with this table, you remain floating as you calmly sip to your drink. You can also play the floating beer pong game as you sip to your glasses.


It is a combination of the childhood truth or dare and HORSE basketball game. Here, every play pulls a stunt by diving into the pool a stylish way. The other players have to mimic the style and dive in that manner. If you fail to do so, you get a letter.

  1. Noodle Jousting

In this, two rafts get placed in the middle of the pool. They two-player board the rafts. Using a pool noodle, the players will try to knock each other off the rafts. Whoever manages to drown the counterpart is presented with a nifty present.

  1. Pool Toss

Assemble many inflatable pool toys in the water and have them distributed evenly across the pool. Have the pool divided into two and get the player into each side. Set your timer and have them the players throwing the toys towards the side of their counterparts. After one minute, the game should stop, and the team with fewer toys carries the say. You can have a gift for the group that wins.

  1. Watermelon polo

In this game, you get an oily watermelon serving as the ball. You drop it in the middle of the pool and have two teams to engage in soccer. You are only allowed to play using your hands and no lifting of the watermelon above the water. Have some ground rules to ensure that the game is friendly and that no one gets hurt.

You can never go wrong with the above gaming ideas at your pool party. Engage in a friendly match that leaves your guests entertained.