Timeline of New Orleans History

What is a city’s history made of? It’s a mix of the lives driven by the people that lived in the territory over the progression of time. New Orleans is the same. Our ancestors’ fantasies, strivings, and also achievements added to everything that makes up New Orleans today. What’s more, every one of the present New Orleanians’ undertakings will form the city of tomorrow.

The documentation of New Orleans history is conserved in some ways. Today, we review the NEW ORLEANS HISTORY via newspaper archives, history books, and documentaries, among other sources. But how is TODAY’S history being recorded? How are the stories of the individuals who are adding vivacity to New Orleans going to be recorded and also remembered?


How can we preserve New Orleans history? One Louisiana native, Olivia Spallino Savoie, discovered the solution by founding an heirloom life story writing business. Raconteur Story Writing Services documents the state’s-and also NEW ORLEANS HISTORY one individual at a time.

After sitting down with New Orleanians and also asking them questions about their life, Savoie combs through the scattered memories to write a cohesive narrative. When enough individuals’ narratives are recorded by the local writer, it becomes clear what historical events shaped entire generations, as well as what entire generations have done to shape the next.

When writing down reminiscences of New Orleans’ natives, stories of the city’s history take shape. Stories of survival during floods. Stories of days spent with sisters in 1920s Pontchartrain Park. Stories of Mardis Gras-back when coconuts flew through St. Charles Street rather than plastic beads. These historical accounts emerge when INDIVIDUALS are prodded to remember, record, and preserve, not only for their future family to value but their future city.

How can a whole city’s history be preserved? At first, preserving an entire city’s history seems impossible-until the task is broken down into individual memories that translate into memoirs.

Individuals who have made a particular contribution to New Orleans or even who have lived within or near the city for the entirety of their lives have the most to add to historical records. And the preservation of their memories within documented pages is key to the future society of New Orleans, to understand its past.


How can you contribute to history preservation? Rather or not you consider yourself to be “a writer,” you can still write down NEW ORLEANS HISTORY as told by your friends and family members.

  • Get started writing down personal histories by…
  • Asking older generations questions
  • Showing genuine interest in others’ New Orleanians’ memories
  • Documenting the local history through textual, audio, or visual recording
  • Contacting Raconteur Story Writing Services to interview your loved ones, write their life stories, and capture their personal histories in published books.

New Orleans is uniquely adorned with traditions of good food, good fun, and good people. Each generation of New Orleanians experiences a new and exciting version of the same city we know and love. Your life and also legacy-set in our picturesque city-is worth writing down.